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More on Suicide Jumpers: The Movie

Posted on January 6th, 2010 by Dr. Blumenfield

As a follow-up to my November 11th blog about suicide jumpers from the Golden Gate Bridge, this is a review of a beautiful and poignant documentary film titled The Bridge . In 2004, 24 people died from jumping off this famous bridge. Filmmaker Eric Steel and his crew caught the last moments of many of these people’s lives. They also were able to interview many of their friends and families in order to tell their story and the effect on the people who cared about them. Included was a dramatic interview with a 25 year old man who survived the jump and became a spokesperson for suicide prevention. An added dimension to the Netflix DVD are interviews with the camera crew who worked on this project for over a year and were and were greatly impacted by it.

Condolence for Soldier Suicide

Posted on December 23rd, 2009 by Dr. Blumenfield

At the present time if a U.S. soldier who served in Iraq or Afghanistan is physically and/or psychologically injured and subsequently commits suicide, his or her family will not receive a Presidential letter of condolence as will soldiers who die by other means. This is unfair and hurtful to the families with loved ones who have volunteered to serve their country and die as a result of their service. A spokesperson for President Obama said that the policy in regard to who should receive a letter of condolence is currently undergoing a review. This issue is discussed and it is suggested that letters be written to the President, Secretary of Defense and members of Congressas well as professional organizations such as the American Psychiatric Association which could influence these people, urging that the above policy be changed so Presidential letters of condolence will also be written to soldiers who have died from suicide.

Suicide Jumpers From The Golden Gate Bridge

Posted on November 11th, 2009 by Dr. Blumenfield

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably the most popular suicide site in the world. By the year 2008 approximately 2000 people had jumped off the bridge and committed suicide. 99% of the jumpers from this bridge do not survive. A recent article on this subject in the Journal of the American Psychiatric Association by Drs. Mel Blaustein and Anne Flemming is reviewed in this blog. The building of a barrier to prevent suicides at this bridge is also discussed. Understanding and preventing suicidal behavior is the goal of all mental health professionals. A quotation from one of the few people who survived a jump off the Golden Gate Bridge makes the case for making every effort to identify and help people who are suicidal.

New York Times Front Page Article About Depression and Suicide in the Military Goes too Far by Publishing Confidential Mental Health Records

Posted on October 29th, 2009 by Dr. Blumenfield

The New York Times on 8/2/09 published a front page article about depression and suicide in the military. However it included confidential medical records in the article and therefore may have violated journalism ethics in doing so. The implications of such a practice are raised and discussed .