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17 Sep 2012

Paul SInger, a psychiatrist, writes an essay about this thoughts when his father, also a psychiatrist closed his office after over 50 years of practice. I worked with both of them while I was at New York Medical College and know them to be outstanding people.

When a psychiatrist does a consultation for depression, many things have to be considered. Ultimately the psychiatrist needs to decide whether to recommend medication, psychotherapy or a combination of both.

A research study which examined the public awareness about the connection between heart disease and depression. This included data on the preferred sources of health information across educational levels.

This article will discuss psychiatric considerations in the shooting a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado

This novel by Irvin Yalom follows two characters, Benito Spinoza, a 17th century philosopher who was ex-communicated by his Jewish rabbi and Alfred Rosenberg a 20th century Nazi who was hanged as a war criminal by the Nurenberg trails. While the personal lives and dialog which they had with various people is made up, most of the remaining part of the book is historically correct. The book examines some of Spinoza’s thoughts about God and reglion and how he felt that they were superstitions. It also looks at the deep seated antisemitism that Rosenberg harbored and how that ruled his life and led him to want to be close to Hitler. He was able to relate these two lives by looking at the question which he believes that Rosenberg must have struggle with and that is was to understand how the great German thinkers through the years were able to become fascinated by the writings of Spinoza who clearly was a Jew.

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